Audio Files

Below are links to the audio files of Dr. Jim Eckman's Digging Deeper classes.

  • The Role of Christianity in American Civilization

    This final class on American Civilization surveys the period from World War II to the present. Special emphasis is given to the effects of World War II on American civilization, the significant spiritual revival of the 1950s, and the radical worldview shift to Postmodernism in America that began with the 1960s. Additional emphasis is given to the Civil Rights movement, how America dealt with the threat of communism during the Cold War, the re-definition of the US presidency and the growing pluralism of American Civilization. The role and response of biblical Christianity to all of the developments is a central theme of the class.  **To access audio files please click the image on the left.

  • Church History

    In Matthew 16:18 Jesus Christ declared “I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Following Dr. Eckman’s book on Church History, the class will focus on the Ancient Church (Pentecost to about AD 600) and part of the Medieval Church (AD 600-1500). Emphasis is given to the rapid spread of the church, the development of church leadership, the development of theological orthodoxy and an explanation of the institutionalized church, which came to be known as Roman Catholicism.  **To access audio files please click the image on the left.

  • The History of Israel

    The 20th century witnessed harsh anti-Semitism, vicious pogroms and the unimaginable Holocaust. Over a third of the world's Jews were killed. Yet, today the largest concentration of Jews resides in Israel - a modern miracle. This class provides a riveting history of God's covenant people from the initial promises God made to Abraham, through the establishment of the monarch under Solomon.  **To access audio files please click the image on the left.