In every battle it is imperative to have people on the frontlines who are are fearless. These people know who they are, know what they have, know what they have been called to do, and have the courage to carry out their mission. They live fearless on the frontlines! How do we live fearless for God in this world? How do we stand for what really matters when it can seem like everything in the world is pushing against us? Steadfast Summer Boot Camp will give you the tools to help you live fearless on the frontlines. It will help you see the difference between the lies the world is telling you vs. the truth of what God says. This year during Boot Camp not only will you have a lot of fun, but you will also learn more about who you are, who God is, what you have been called to do, what you have been given, and how you can stand courageously. All of this so that you can live fearlessly! It’s going to be a great week!!

Steadfast Boot Camp will be June 20-24th from 9AM-2:30PM each day and is for students entering 6th-9th grade. Kids will do begin and end each day at Steadfast. There will be study/game time in the morning at Steadfast and afternoons will consist of strength/conditioning training with Gibbie Duval at Xplosive Edge.  Lunch will be provided each day and kids will be transported to/from Xplosive Edge by bus. Cost is $25.00.  

You can register & make a secure payment online by clicking HERE.