What if? What if those deep desires in our hearts are telling us the truth, revealing to us the lives we were meant to live? God gave us eyes so that we might see; he gave us ears that we might hear; he gave us wills that we might choose; and he gave us hearts that we might live. The way we handle the heart is everything (Proverbs 4:23).


The story of Wild at Heart - BASIC is one of men encountering God and experiencing healing, breakthrough, freedom, and strength restored. It is not a retreat about the “seven things a man ought to do to be a nicer guy.” It is a three-day quest into the recovery of a man’s masculine soul, the release of a man’s heart - his passions and his true nature - all given him by God. It’s an invitation to rush the fields at Bannockburn, to go West, to leap from the falls and to rediscover beauty. For if a man is going to know who he truly is as a man, if he is going to find a life worth living, love a woman deeply, and not pass on his confusion to his children, he simply must get his heart back.


Event will be held from 9am on Friday, October 11 to 3pm on Sunday, October 13 at the Lied Lodge in Nebraska City. 

Please note that, the enrollment is capped at 30 Steadfast men (first come first serve). The cost is $300 per attendee, which covers food, lodging and materials. 

In order to secure your spot at the Steadfast Wild at Heart - Basic men's event, you will need to: 

  1. Register by filling out the information on this LINK
  2. Make a $150 deposit securely online (which will go towards your $300 total cost) by clicking HERE - OR - if you'd prefer to pay via check, please make checks payable to Steadfast Omaha and send it with a note indicating "Wild at Heart - BASIC Registration" to Steadfast Omaha, 2440 S. 141st Cir., Omaha, NE 68144.