Join Dr. Jim Eckman as he challenges us to think critically about important issues that affect our everyday lives. Digging Deeper is a series of not-for-credit college level classes for adults desiring to grow in their understanding of history and current events from a Biblical Worldview. The classes offered at Steadfast Omaha in late 2020 includes: (see below)

History of Israel: Part 2

Tuesdays at 12-1pm, September 1 - December 8

The class will cover the Divided Kingdom of Israel and Judah (931-586 BC), the Exile and the Restoration under Ezra and Nehemiah (539-430 BC), the Hellenistic and then the Roman occupation of the Land, ending with the First Advent of the Messiah. 

Church History: Part 3

Thursdays at 12-1pm, September 3 - December 10

The class will chart the Reformation’s influence on the Scientific Revolution (17th century), the Enlightenment (18th century), the church’s struggle to response to the Industrial Revolution and the onslaught of theological liberalism and Postmodernism. Much of the focus of the 20th and 21st centuries will be on the American church (e.g., revivals, Pentecostalism, evangelicalism, etc.). 

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