Join Dr. Jim Eckman as he challenges us to think critically about important issues that affect our everyday lives. Digging Deeper is a series of not-for-credit college level classes for adults desiring to grow in their understanding of history and current events from a Biblical Worldview. The classes offered at Steadfast Omaha in early 2020 includes: (see below)

The History of Israel: Part 1

Tuesdays at 12-1pm, January 21 - May 5

The 20th century witnessed harsh anti-Semitism, vicious pogroms and the unimaginable Holocaust.  Over a third of the world’s Jews were killed.  Yet, today the largest concentration of Jews resides in Israel—a modern miracle.  This class provides a riveting history of God’s covenant people from the initial promises God made to Abraham, through the establishment of the monarchy under Solomon.

Church History: Part 2

Thursdays at 12-1pm, January 23 - May 7

As the institutionalized Roman Catholic Church grew, it became powerful, corrupt and rich. As the Renaissance dawned, the Church developed a crisis of confidence: For a period of time there were two rival popes; Europe was divided on which one to support. The Ottoman Turks, spreading Islam, threatened the Eastern borders of Europe. This was the context for Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation, which recovered the Gospel and the centrality of justification by faith.

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